Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures at Bright Sparks 


Below are the Policies and Procedures that Bright Sparks currently have.

If you would like to see a copy of these please do not hestiate but to ask Kate.



Admissions Policy

Collection of Children 

Lost Child Policy

Partnership with Parents Policy

Safeguarding Children  - Child Protection Policy

                                            Child Abuse

                                            Whistle Blowing Policy

                                            Roles & Responsibilities of the Safeguarding Officer

Health & Safety Policy Statement  - Roles & Responsibilities for the Health & Safety Officer

Policy & Procedures for Emergency Evacuation. 

Roles & Responsibilities of Behaviour Management Officer 

Behaviour Management Policy & Procedures. 

Complaints Procedure

Confidentiality Policy

Roles & Responsibilities of the Equal Opportunities Officer 

Equal Opportunities Policy for our Children. 

Equal Opportunities Policy. 

Equipment & Resources Policy. 

Anti-Bullying Policy. 

Healthy Eating & Food & Drink Policy. 

Sick Children & Medication Policy. 

Sun Protection Policy. 

Policy for Special Education Needs. 

The Roles and Responsibilities of SEN Officer 

Policy on Staffing & Employment 

Staff Induction Policy. 

Student Placement Policy. 

Substance Abuse Policy including Alcohol ,Drugs & Smoking. 

Training & Professional Development Policy 

Whistle Blowing Policy 

GDPR -Data Protection Policy 

Covid Pandemic Policy