Fundraising is a fundamental part of Bright Sparks  


In order to keep our costs down for the care and education that we offer we need to fundraise to cover all our outgoings.These outgoings include Rent for the room, Wages, Dbs Checks, Telephone, Registration, Insurance, Craft materials, Educational Toys, Cleaning materials, Administration, Training etc to name but a few.


Ongoing ways that we fundraise :


1. Anyone Online shopping can go on to a website called and by clicking on our cause Broadlands Bright Sparks. A percentage of monies will be donated by the companies that you make any purchases with.


2. By termly Fundraising events such as Sponsored Activities,Promise Auctions,Pimms & Ploughmans Nights and Fetes to name but a few.



If you would like to join our committee to help us or would just like more information about our committee Kate would be pleased to tell you more about this vital aspect of our Bright Sparks community.