Learning Through Play

We feel that learning through play is an essential way for your child to learn and develop into independent and motivated learners.


There are a great lot of things happening when children are playing.  Your child maybe lifting, dropping, looking, pouring, bouncing, hiding, building, knocking down, and more. They are learning key scientific concepts, such as what sinks and floats; mathematical concepts, including how to balance blocks to build a tower; and literacy skills, such as trying out new vocabulary or storytelling skills as children “act out” different roles and building extensive social skills that will support them through their life.


Children learn from everything they do. They are naturally curious; they want to explore and discover. If their explorations bring pleasure or    

success, they will want to learn more.

During these early years, children form attitudes about learning that will last a lifetime. Children who receive the right sort of support and encouragement during these years will be creative, adventurous learners throughout their lives.


And when your children play with you, they are also learning — that they are loved and important and that they are fun to be around.

These social - emotional skills give them the self-esteem and self-confidence they need to continue building loving and supportive relationships all their lives.


A child’s Early Years experiences are the most important, therefore it is up to us all to make this time in their lives full of opportunities and fun to develop them into keen motivated learners, which of course will help them in their next steps of starting school and further.