Parent Partnership

You are always welcome into Bright Sparks as it is your group too, and important for your child to know that you are part of it, grannies and grandpa’s too! You may like to help at a session, be on the committee, help fundraise, design posters etc.


We do try and have regular parent / carer meetings too, just to have chat about how your child maybe developing and for you to have a chance to tell us anything you feel maybe important.

We also make written observations on an online journal called Tapestry. This is so we can follow each child's development, and we share these with you instantly if you are registered on Tapestry or verbally if not. So please share any information with us about your child ,as children do not always do at Bright Sparks what they may do at home , and therefore your input is very important in building a picture of your child’s overall development.


Having opportunities for us to meet up with you also gives you the chance to look in your child’s special learning journey book which can show some of the things that your child may do with us. We feel spending time with you is as important as working with your child.


                                                                                “ A happy parent/carer is a happy child”.